Monday, 26 January 2015

Winter Layers Wishlist from ModCloth

Styling Layers for Winter

Dressing warmly and fashionably during the colder months can be a bit of a challenge but with a couple of staple pieces it can become as easy as dressing for any other season. I've chosen some key pieces from Modcloth and put together a couple of outfit combinations that I think would be fabulous.

Polyvore wishlist collage for winter layering
Black Flared Coat  |  Gold Bow Hair Pins  |  Burgundy Gold Lace Dress  |  Grey Knitted Jumper  |  Brown Suede Buckle Boots

The dress in this outfit collection is the main feature, with the scarf neckline it would look super cute poking out from under a knitted jumper like this grey cable knit with the skirt flaring out to match the silhouette of the coat. Deep colours like the maroon of the dress and the brown of the boots are perfect for matching to the leaves on the ground. I would add a pair of plain black tights for added warmth and perhaps some cute socks to peek out over the top of the boots and these adorable gold bow hair pins would add an elegant detail. I must admit I've been re-watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately and Blair's style has influenced me more towards hair accessories.

winter layer fashion from ModCloth clothing
Pink Quilted Jumper  |  Map Necklace  |  White Tee  |  Houndstooth Waterfall Cardigan  |  Black Skinny Trousers
I thought this pastel pink jumper would be great for getting ready for spring, during the winter it can be worn with a plain white tee underneath and a cosy waterfall cardigan (both from the fabulous sweater section of the site) over the top but will also be perfect by itself when the warmer months eventually come around. Pairing these items with some plain black skinny trousers ties them together and evens out the mix of colour and pattern on top. I added in this super cool necklace that I absolutely love, who doesn't love a good map?

You can also make wishlists of your favourite things on the ModCloth site, see my wishlist here. Let em know if you make one! I really love sites that have this ability, I might start doing more wishlist posts so that I can collate things I like from places that don't have their own.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

White Leggings & Windy Winter OOTD

Ways to wear coloured leggings

Winter knitwear grey cable knit jumper
Grey Cable Knit Jumper - Topman  |  Chunky Knit Scarf - Topshop  |  White Leggings - Luffers  |  Boots - New Look

chunky knitwear wrap up warm in neautral knits

chunky knitted scarf and bright lipstick

autumn fall winter snuggly warm outfit

Who doesn't love some cosy knitwear on a Winter's day? I doubled up with a chunky knitted scarf and a cable knit jumper for this outfit to keep extra snug as it was pretty chilly in the wind. Neutral toned knitwear is a must have as it goes with everything!

 I've had these leggings for probably around two years now and this is the first time I've actually worn them. I intended for them to be a summer legging but I think white can actually work better in the winter, it gives that frosty snowy vibe.

What do you wear on chilly days? I'd love to see different outfits!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Dream Jobs and What I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

Path to Mount Snowdon Landscape

I'm at that point in my life where I feel like I should know what I'm doing, or have some idea of what I want to do in life. Alas, I don't. Not really anyway. There are several things I'd like to do so deciding which path to take first is quite the challenge but I thought it'd be fun to make a list of both the things I wanted to be when I was little and the things I'd like to be now.

When I grow up I want to be...

  1. Palaeontologist
  2. Make up artist
  3. Hairdresser
  4. Fashion Designer
  5. Fashion Photographer

Now I would like to be..

  1. Director of Photography 
  2. Lens-based Artist
  3. Fashion Photographer and Styling
  4. Jewellery/Accessories Designer
  5. Blogger
I think all my 'dream jobs' are attainable, and comparing them to what I wanted to do as a child and early teens it's not all that different. I would still love to go into palaeontology but I don't have any of the right qualifications, when it came to choosing my GCSEs and A Levels I decided to go for the arts instead. 

What I would like most from that list would to be a full time blogger and artist but unfortunately that's also the most unrealistic in terms of making a living from it. I'm planning on starting the path to becoming a DOP first of all to see if I can cross it off the list or continue with it.

So what did you want to be when you were younger and what do you do or want to do now? Leave me a comment, I find it so interesting!

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