Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites

british museum fleece lined toms canvas shoes
My August favourites

This may sound silly but I'm starting to get into Autumn mode as the weather has already gotten gllomier this month and as a result I've been switching out my iced mocha for a nice hot mug to warm me up! For at home I use the Nescafé sachets which are pretty yummy.

My first pair of Toms! I got these glorious fleece lined ones in the Office sale for £15, I didn't think I would be able to wear them for a while because of the weather but alas the sunshine is no more so I have been loving these to keep my tootsies warm.

Car phone charger
This is a little bit random but I only recently got an in car charger for my phone and it's already been super useful. Smartphone batteries do not last that long and mine usually dies by the time I finish work which is very annoying if I'm going somewhere afterwards but this means I can charge it back up on my way!

Tapestry bag
I've loved William Morris prints for a long time so when I saw this bag in the British Museum I had to have it. It's not the most practical bag but I do use it as my everyday handbag and it's just so pretty I can't not use it.

Orange in the New Black
I've liked this show for a long time but I finally got round to watching the last few episodes of the second season and I just can't wait for more!

As you'll know if you saw my last two posts, I went to Somerset recently and it was really great to see some new places, I missed exploring.

What have you been loving this month?

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