Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Essentials and Wishlist

Winter Essentials and Christmas Wishlist

I think it's time I admitted we're properly into Winter now, Christmas is really just around the corner and there have even been a couple of mornings that I've had to defrost my car. With the mild Autumn weather we had I've been hoping for an equally mild Winter but it really is chilly out there! So I thought I would compile my essentials for keeping the frostbite at bay and share some of the items currently on my wishlist.

A good pair of boots. I've spent a little too many Winters with cold and soggy feet due to not having appropriate footwear. They need to be waterproof and they need to keep toes warm (or at least have enough wiggle room to wear a cosy pair of socks with). Dr Martens were on my wishlist for a long time and I finally got some for my birthday earlier in the month, they're not quite the comfiest things yet but I already love stomping around the puddles in them.

Dr Martens Boots and Black Milk Clothing Leggings

Hot chocolate. Whether it's in a Starbucks or Costa festive cup (hello black forest hot chocolate mmm) or you've made it in your favourite mug and topped it with cream and marshmallows, I think everyone loves a good hot chocolate at this time of the year. Why not treat yourself to a fancier brand or a quirky flavour? (Whittards do Christmas pudding flavour...).

Snuggly pjs. Or a onesie if that's your thing. Is it just me that spends a lot more time in pjs at this time of year? It's the best thing to come home from being out in the cold and put on some super soft and cosy pyjamas to settle down for the night. I love these super fun ones from ASOS and would also totally recommend Brandy Melville t-shirts for sleeping in. So. Freaking. Comfortable.

Slippers and hats. To be snuggly from head to toe. I love the fisherman beanies from American Apparel and these are my adorable bunny slippers (mine are from Primark but you can get similar ones on ASOS).

Bunny Rabbit Slippers With Christmas Duvet And Onesie

A coat. Kind of goes without saying but I find it so hard to shop for coats so I thought I would share the ones that I'm hoping will go into the sales after Christmas! Faux Fur from &OtherStories, the cape from AA, the duffle coat from Asos.

Hoodie. Another American Apparel favourite, the fleece lined hoodies are just the absolute softest thing and are perfect to layer up if you do have to venture outside.

And if you're using this post to get some last minute Christmas gift ideas then definitely check out the site where you can buy gift cards for many of the brands that I've mentioned here at a discounted price, so you can use them to save some pennies on your shopping or just give them as presents. And if you receive any gift cards you don't really want over the holidays then you can also use the site to sell them!

What are your Winter essentials? Leave me a comment with what's on your wishlist!


Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Party New Years Eve Outfits Lookbook

Christmas Party New Years Eve Outfits Lookbook

The Shiny Pencil Skirt

I think a bit of a statement skirt can be a great option and mixing up prints and patterns can be a fun way to add a bit of quirkiness to an outfit.
Christmas Party New Years Eve Outfits Lookbook
I've actually worn this outfit on New Year's Eve before (you can see it on my lookbook here)

New years eve party look silver and black

The Maxi Dress

As someone that is on the shorter side, it can be hard to find maxi dresses that don't somehow make me look even smaller but I think it's about the proportions of it, so I tend to go for a shorter top half and longer skirt to make my legs look longer. (And a handy tip for anyone else that is a bit vertically challenged, buying from Asian websites often makes things the right length - FYI I'm average height in Japan)

Black maxi dress rose gold belt outfits for the holidays

& other stories rose gold chain ring matching belt

The Semi-Casual

You may have notice I'm rather fond of this dress, I just think it can be worn in loads of ways and dressed up or down. I've always been a bit of a fan of pairing girly dresses with Dr Martens boots as I love the contrast of the pieces.

Dr Martens boots black sparkle swing dress

New look black sparkle swing dress NYE outfits

The Velvet Dress

Velvet is such a Winter staple and in this festive burgundy red I don't think you can go wrong, this dress is from American Apparel but you could find a whole range of velvet dresses in different styles from other stores as well.

American Apparel red velvet bodycon dress with blazer

American Apparel red velvet bodycon dress with blazer

It's that time of year when party outfits seem to be needed more than ever. Whether it's a work Christmas party, a family get together for the holidays or NYE celebrations, an outfit will be needed. So I've put together a little lookbook of outfits that I think would be great for the holiday season. Do you have any party outfits planned? Share them below!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas at Hogwarts | Hogwarts in the Snow

christmas at hogwarts in the snow
This was my second visit to the Warner Bros Studio tour, I first went last year at a non-Christmas time so when Bank Fashion offered me some tickets to go again I thought it would be amazing to go when they have their Hogwarts in the Snow celebrations. They also added a little section of Malfoy Manor that wasn't there the last time I went so I was super duper excited. I've mostly just put in some photos of things that they add for Christmas time so if you've not been before there is a lot more than this to see! Prepare yourself for a lot of photos of the Christmas feast:

Great Hall at Hogwarts in the snow Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Christmas feast at Hogwarts in the Snow Gryffindor Table

Christmas feast at Hogwarts in the Snow Gryffindor
Hufflepuff Christmas Cracker Hogwarts Feast
Ravenclaw Christmas Cracker Blue Presents Silverware

Flaming Christmas Pudding Ravenclaw Dinner Table
Chocolate swan table decoration
Gryffindor common room Christmas Nevillle Card

Potion bottles in the classroom at Hogwarts

Potion bottles in the classroom at Hogwarts with Slughorn

Potion bottles in the classroom at Hogwarts

Hogwarts Castle in the Snow Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Hogwarts in the Snow Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Hogwarts Castle in the Snow Warner Bros Studio Tour London
Miniature Model of Hogwarts Castle covered in snow

Hogwarts in the Snow Warner Bros Studio Tour London

I know most people say that Hogwarts is their favourite part of the tour but I think mine is the potions classroom, the lighting is really nice and the details on all the ingredients bottles with all the colours and labels I just find it amazing!

A really cool addition to the Hogwarts in the Snow tours is the table where they have all the kinds of snow that they used in the films, there were four different types which were used for different things and it was great fun playing with them. Here's a photo of me doing so (by Marie).

If this isn't enough Harry Potter for you then make sure you check out my posts on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and the fantasy Harry Potter festival that I made up (yes that is what I do in my spare time).

Have you been to the studio tour? What's your favourite part of it?

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